Why Do We Need to Do Volunteer Work?

An AUIS student helping plant trees at the new campus

People reach a certain stage in life when they realize that they live their life adequately and see that there are others who are destitute, desperate, and distressed in life.  Those people can give help by offering necessary skills that would cost a lot of money elsewhere to the people in need or can aid them economically.  They decide to help the people in need by whatever skills they have.  They try to help them to have a little knowledge about the world around them.  In a way, they are giving something back in order to balance out the opportunties they have had in their lives.

I heard a little about volunteering when I was younger, but after joining AUI-S I have realized how it made a huge impact on many of AUIS’ teachers and faculty.  Many teachers volunteered years of their lives serving in orgnaizations like VSO (Volunteer Service Oversees) and Peace Corps.  Still, after finishing those, they are continuing to do other volunteer work in other places they have been to, including Iraq.  In my university, we did several volunteer works like assisting refugee kids, cleaning rivers and streets, and helping raise money for children who have cancer, etc.  At the beginning, I did not see that much benefit for the teachers and faculties, but after experiencing volunteerism firsthand I now realize that it helps the poor in one side and the volunteer on the other.

Loading goods to be donated to Iraqi IDPs

After a while, I realized that there are huge benefits from it for the inside of the volunteer.  The way you feel after helping a person and seeing that person smiling gives you a joy that cannot be measured.  Additionally, there is another amazing benefit from this job, which is making friends.  People have easily made friends with the people they are helping, and also with the other volunteers because both have a parallel aim in life, which is lending a hand. I personally have made many friends through my volunteer work.  My teachers had the same advantages while they were in other countries through Peace Corps; they connected with new communities and got a better understanding of differnet cultures.  Interestingly, I have also realized that they have learned new languages, different cultures, and new skills from their experience as well.

I become very happy when I see poor people being remembered and helped by others.
My volunteer work made me be a more mature person and feel that I am born with a reason, which is helping others who are unable to live a happy life.  In addition, it makes me feel comfortable and proud of myself because it shows me that I can be a part of raising a new generation in a good way.

Picking up trash in the Rizgary district of Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan

I hope that people can volunteer more and more because there are many desperate people out there waiting for help. As Albert Pike said, “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal,” so we can see that the advantages from volunteering are infinite.


3 thoughts on “Why Do We Need to Do Volunteer Work?

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  2. good job lovely. i am proud of you and your volunteer work. i can’t wait to joint this volunteer work. God welling, i will join this group as soon as possible.

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