Sulyon members shortly after performing their mask project

Written by Dastan Sabah. June 21, 2011. I had the good fortune of visiting an inspirational group called Sulyon with Development Club a few weeks ago. Sulyon is a group of artists, comprised of 41 active young members. Although most of the members are ethnically Kurdish, Arabic and British participants bring diversity to the group. This group’s members are full of life and energy. According to one Sulyon member: ”Art is free space for humans, and they can express their feelings freely and find what they search for.” Some of the main goals of Sulyon are to engage in an artistic dialogue with the citizens of Sulaimani and to help community members think about problems and their potential solutions in new ways.

Sulyon, which was founded in 2008, is very progressive; its projects are about today’s common situations, current problems and events. Sulyon members used street theater in autumn, 2010 to bring their message of free-thinking and diversity directly to the people. This group’s goal is to express common ideas and opinions about society, and to try to show society’s habits, illnesses, and weaknesses through their projects.

Chatting at Sulyon's office near the Sulaimani bazaar

Its members show their artwork mostly on the streets among people, or sometimes on platforms like stages. They have done more than four successful projects so far, including: Game, Border, Circle and Masks projects. While visiting the Red Museum with Development Club, I watched one of their projects recently. We observed that the group is very active in the community and it is working hard on its projects to create unforgettable plays and short films. It has been an inspirational project for me to be involved with.

Development Club members chatting with San Saravan about directing his recent masks project film

Have you been involved in this project? Please feel free to rate this project using the stars below and leave specific comments so that projects like this one can become more meaningful over time.


2 thoughts on “Sulyon

  1. Great note, I was one of the british artists working with Suly On and loved being with them and their young energy. Hoping to bring some of the group to the U.K. next year. Stephen Jon

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