Wadi Organization

Chatting with staff at Wadi’s office in Sulaimaniyah

Written by Karzan Fadhil. June 18, 2011.

Wadi is a German-based organization  in Northern Iraq’s Kurdish region.  This organization has been working on ways to solve problems faced by women  in the region of Kurdistan since the mid 90’s.  Its aim is to support and protect women’s rights as well as reduce the violence faced by women in Kurdish society.  Wadi aims to reduce the violence against women and help enable them to find employment in addition to advocating for women’s rights.

Many of Wadi's projects take place near Halabja, the site of the horrific chemical bombings in 1988.

For instance, wadi organization has a radio station in Halabja that has many useful programs for women. It spreads many helpful programs related to women’s problems.  Also, it has dealt with many problems faced by women through dialogue or through legal systems.  In summary, wadi is a non-governmental organization that has a strong and an obvious effect in our society in finding solutions for women’s problems including support for domestic violence, awareness of the dangers of honor killing and advocacy for women’s rights.

Dastan taking notes about Wadi's projects

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