Development Club

Development Club A group of students studying at the American University of Iraq- Sulaimani (AUI-S) formed Development Club in March 2011. Since its onset, Development Club members have been visiting local NGOs, meeting with community members and analyzing issues related sustainable development in Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan.

 These hard-working volunteers are committed to assessing developmental projects, summarizing what they observe, peer-editing and finally posting their findings on this website. We hope to publish excerpts of their findings in both Kurdish and Arabic in the near future. Without the dedication and courage of these students, this website wouldn’t be possible.

Development Club members on top of a tank at Sulaimani's Red Museum

A special thanks to Development Club members:

  • Ali Adnan
  • Ari Hammed
  • Awan Ahmed
  • Chawan Mohammed
  • Dastan Sabah
  • Dlpak Ali
  • Hawkar Rafiq
  • Karzan Fadhil
  • Mariam Khalid
  • Mina Bassam
  • Noor Al Janabi

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